Monday, June 15, 2009

John....Leon...What’s the Difference and Miss Kitty (is dead).

See I’m not the only one. Mrs. Bloggerman swears that I can’t remember the difference between Leon Panetta (CIA Director) and John Podesta (Chief of Staff to President Clinton). She’s right. However I’m not the only one. In today’s DC Examiner we learn that Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) has that same problem. Plus he has the additional problem have having his name sound a lot like another former New Jersey-ite, Bill Parcells. But on with the story. Rep Pascrell was introducing Mr. PANETTA at a Capitol Hill luncheon last week and refereed to him three times as “John”. Now call me stupid (ok you can stop now) but even the most burned out, drugged up, drunken heavy medal guitarist can remember what city they are in (as in “Kalamazoo, Michigan, you rock!”) by simply taping the name of that stop on the neck of their axe. A sane person might think that Mr. Pascrell would have thought to write down Mr. Panetta’s name on an index card to reference, especially seeing how close it is to Mr. Podesta. He didn’t and now we laugh! HA HA HA. Ok that’s enough.

Don’t some pets have it bad enough with out being called something really stupid (again...comments about Bloggerman’s pet is not necessary)? While some of you are at least creative or sentimental there are plenty of lazy pet owners who name their dog, Rex, Scraps, Rover, or even Mr. Fluffy Tail. Feline owners are no better with Paws, Scratcher, Wiskers and the like. However even with that vomit inducing lineup there is at least one person out there who is so bad that they need to be stopped. I submit for you Thomas Shad of Miami, Florida who’s cat went by the name of “Miss Kitty”. Well Mr. Shad, if you weren’t already out, now would be a good time to take that big, bold step out of the closet! This is normally the point where I start really laying in to Shad and the rest of his insufferable bunch but the only reason I know of his cat’s name is because Miss Kitty is dead along with several dozen other cats at the hands (supposedly) of Tyler Hayes Weinman, 18 who was arrested yesterday on multiple charges of stealing and mutilating cats in his neighborhood. All I can say his I really hope that he did do it and the justice system finds him guilty and he’s put away for a long time. There is a certain sick personality trait needed to perform these kinds of crimes and I’m not sure that whatever time he gets behind bars will be enough. So help him if I get my hands around his neck. I think that might cure him (and us) of the evil that men do.

Lastly as a bonus, I want to thank Alfred Rava who in his ultimate “jerk-dom” and “douchewaffle-ness” helped boost the daily readership of Nobody Likes a Jerk into the triple digits. It turns out that we are among many front page Google results for Mr. Rava.

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