Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Need Two on the Aisle!

How is it that the worse the team whose game you are trying to get tickets for the harder it is to find good seats? Good seat without going through a scalper that is.

By far this is not the first time I’ve railed against scalpers. They are the lowest of the low who put their personal profit over the happiness of a young child getting to see his first ballgame or her first Wiggles concert because you’ve purchased a block of 12 tickets with the express intent of marking them up 150% and pricing out many parents.

I understand that I’m not a parent (unless you count the dog) and I can easily just visit the team’s website and purchase tickets but I know there are those of you out there who are going to get stuck with tickets on your hands and once that first pitch is thrown they are going to be worthless. It’s a kind of cosmic/karmic Montezuma’s Revenge that gets cast on these scum.

But never fear, much like the right reverend Billy Sol Hargus, I am here to heal your pain and grant you forgiveness. Sell me your 2 tickets to Thursday night’s Mets/Orioles game (field box seats) below face value. Sure you may take a $5 loss per seat but you’ll be gaining a warm sense of peace and understanding with the universe.

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