Monday, June 29, 2009

Kill Those Bloodsuckers

Want a great way to drop a few pounds without really trying? Take a summertime visit to Assateague Island on the Atlantic Ocean and watch the mosquitoes fly (and bite). I won’t go into all the details in this past weekend’s camp-o-rama fun, but rather point out a few of the highlights. For more info you can go over to the Mighty Boig Chronicles page and get caught up.

Set up and Big Gay Al’s Big Pit Beef
Ever go to a mosquito-infested swamp in the middle of a hot summer day? If you answered “no” I would say to consider yourself lucky and to tell you to avoid it at all costs. Since we all know I’m a dope, I said “yes” and took about an hour or so to set up a few campsites before we looked at the clock (or the bites on our hands that looked like a watch) and decided it was time to head out to lunch.

We drove down the main road (on the way to Ocean City) and found Big Al’s Pit Beef. Just kidding about the Gay part...although he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt! Its nothing more then a little snack stand on the side of the road but inside they whip up a crazy good pit (roast) beef sandwich and equally kick ass french fries. They easily garner the NBLAJ two thumbs up and were a welcome break from the bugs.

Blue Shows Up (Eric and Amy too)
Later in the afternoon Mooks' friend Blue showed up along with his "people" Eric and Amy. The pups quickly found their way to the beach for some running through the late afternoon surf. After some running and swimming, we set up the campfire and more importantly the citronella torches and settled in to another world-class dinner by Mrs. Bloggerman. A quick ice cream run and the arrival of the rest of the crew ended the night.

Morning Run: Hello George
Saturday morning I arose from my sweat-filled slumber to drip a little more out on the beach during a nice 10 mile run. One of the key attractions on the island (other then the blood letting plan) is the wild horses who (quite obviously) roam free throughout the grounds, including the beaches. I saw a group of four horses (horsemen not included) just laying out and catching some early morning rays. That had to rank among the cooler things I've ever seen while running! Then on the way back down the beach comes this lone horse just strolling down the shoreline. He looked just like any person up for a sunrise stroll of the beach. I was so impressed that as we passed I greeted him with a smile and a "Hello George.” It was the right thing to do.

Tomorrow we'll have some special thoughts on authentic Mexican cuisine.

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