Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Speed It Up, Slow It Down, and Stacy Keach

As I sit here and have my daily dose of pudding I remember the great Kinky Friedman song, “(The Mail Moves Awful Slow-ter) Rapid City, South Dakota” it reminds me of something else that is moving awful slow….the Red Line.

I pointed out yesterday that the events and outcomes of the crash on Monday are very tragic and heartwrenching but I think we’ve learned two lessons now. 1) Don’t put any of these 1000-series cars in the front or back of the chain of cars (a lesson still not taken to heart as my entire train this morning from Shady Grove was 1000-series) and 2) let’s get back to the business of transporting people from point A to point B. And for the love of everything sacred to Stacy Keech (more on him in a moment) let’s get this damn train up above 30 miles an hour. I know that everybody is being extra cautious in the wake of the crash but if you combine slow speeds with less trains you end up with extra crowding and results in me standing the entire way in from Shady Grove (pre 7am!!!) Hopefully things will get better in the afternoon.

A few quick things:

1) Stacy Keach is back in town this time playing King “Norman” Lear at the Shakespeare Theater. While I’m not much for the Frank Rich set, the reviews I’ve heard are wonderful and they say that Mr. Keach is much better this time then he was as Christopher Titus’ father.

2) Russell, I feel for you that you can’t get rid of that extra ticket. Trust me…go over to Craigslist and try posting it for a “date”….You’d be surprised. Also thanks for my new rule of the day, “Members Only Passes (to a golf tournament) are always better then Members Only Jackets”

3) Damn…now I forgot what #3 is…however tomorrow I hope to have a full review of the making of Jerky. Beef that is (and sometimes turkey).


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