Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally a Car Made Just For Me

So Hun are you sick of me constantly pulling over when we go for a drive so I can drain ye ol' weasel? Well those days are done. (Cue infomercial music)

For the low, low price of a large jug of green tea I can drive for hours at a time without having to take a potty break. Oh and forget about paying your hard earned dollars on gas and padding the pockets of those fat-cat oil companies, because now I'll power the car.

Get those Fred Flinstone running around on his bald feet images out of your head becuase I'm talking major-league science here. Researchers (who research this kind of thing for a living) have developed an engine that runs on piss. Yep, peepee, yellow lemonade, snake juice, tinkle, whatever you want to call it this engine runs on it much the same way a hydrogen engine strips away the H2 molecules away from the O.

Ariel Schwartz writes for fast on the "Piss Powered Car" and I can only "hold it in" until this car comes to market.

Is it here yet?

Damn...what about now?

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