Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From the Start Gun, To the Hand Gun, To a Shotgun Wedding

Sorry Nicole and Jordan...I know the wedding wasn’t under “shotgun” pretenses but I needed it to complete the title of today’s catch up post from my weekend in the deep south.

The PR
Another year and another Peachtree classic in the books and for the second straight year another Personal Record for yours truly. This year the 10k race was completed in the blurring time of 48:01 (or a 7 min 43 second per mile pace). That topped my previous PR from last year by over 3 min. The main difference I can point to this year is not having to start back in the 9th group but rather towards the front (1B). During the run I even had time to grab a couple of Moe’s T-shirts. But the best part of the morning was after my race was done, I back tracked out of Piedmont Park and began to run back along the sidewalks of the race course to get some more mileage in for the day. On the way out of the park I ended up running and chatting with another guy, Shaun, who invited me back to where his family was hanging out over near mile 4. We stopped and I enjoyed a cold Michelob Ultra (the beer that’s so close to water it IS Water) before heading back to meet the wife, SIL and MIL over at Mile 2. So 11 miles or so of running and then another 4 plus of walking with the family back to the finish line made for some tired feet. Meeting former US Senator (and Vietnam War hero) Max Cleland plus the guy near the end who gave me one of his Krispy Kreemes made up for any pain I was going through (mostly caused by mixing beer, water, and donuts).

The Firing Range
Friday was kind of a quiet day around the house so the BIL, FIL, and Scott all went a “shootin” down at the local range. I had handled 22 caliber rifles some years back so shooting wasn’t foreign to me, but I had never worked with handguns so it was quite a bit of fun. I think Carla should check Scott’s shorts for some marks as he seemed to jump a few times when he started to hear how loud the shots were. The video below is be shooting the little 380 Ruger. It always felt like it was going to slip out of my hand. I much preferred the glock. It was a little longer and had better top/bottom balance.

The Wedding
Leave it to anybody other then my Niece to steal the show. Why should the wedding be about the bride and groom (congrats to both Jordan and Nicole, we wish you lots of luck together and very few run-ins with the federales!) when it can be all about the Illana. She danced all afternoon long and when the band wanted to pack it up and go home, she went to the lead singer and said “mo pwese!” How can you turn down a request like that?? Needless to say she got a few more songs to run around to. You have never seen a kid doze off that fast in the car!

The Food
I would be remiss to wrap up this posting with thanking the food that made the trip even better. Here it is in no particular order:
Green Turtle
Stacey’s Cupcakes
Sweet Tomatoes
Fox Brothers BBQ
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
The Chocolate Bar
Capozzi’s NY Deli
Cheryl’s Brownies
All the Food along the Peachtree Course
J Christopher’s

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