Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Metro-politan Chivalry and a Slice of Pi

I won’t go into full details since I also added a rare podcast to today’s post. But I will point out that no matter how tired you are after a day at work, no matter how hot and crowded the last car on the train is, when you see an obviously pregnant woman standing, you get your ass out of the seat and let her sit. Short of either a) you being pregnant, or b) your leg lying in a bloody pool next to you and staining the carpet in the train car, there are NO excuses. Above all I shouldn’t have to ask you twice before making a scene.

Also I want to thank Pi’s folks for letting him come out with us to the ballgame last night. Sure the Mets lost but how cute does he look in his new hat? Actually I took the hat back but I did make sure to pass along the baseball that Adam Dunn hit to him during batting practice. Good thing the little guy brought his glove to the game!

Listen to the podcast for full details on today’s posting.

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Stefanie said...

poor child is scarred for life!