Monday, July 27, 2009

Double Cheeseburger Mistake and Sunglasses

When I awoke Sunday morning, I was sure that my decision the previous night (actually earlier Sunday morning) had been a terrible mistake. A Double Cheeseburger Mistake to be exact. That kind of sounds like a Jimmy Buffet song...but it isn’t...yet.

The consumption of a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger (nutritional facts here) and a small chocolate shake at 230am in the morning really seemed like a good idea at the time. However when Mooks jumped on my stomach at 7am to remind me that it was time to take her to the dog park, I had second thoughts of my gastric choices. How come there are no drive-thru fruit stands open after midnight??

Also, how many pairs of sunglasses can one person go through in a single year? The better question here is how many pairs of glasses can I go through in a single year? The total right now is 3 pairs and counting. The first pair was purchased at National Airport back in February ($20). Those lasted until June and then broke necessitating the purchase of a new pair from Marshalls ($10). That pair is currently hiding in Dave and Stacey’s house so after adding some wrinkles (from squinting at the sun) today I felt the need to pick up a third pair from Eckerd/Rite-Aid/CVS or whatever pharmacy chain it was that I walked into (it’s not like you can tell one from the other anymore!). The purchase price $16, bringing the 2009 running total to $46.

You ask yourself, why not just buy a nice pair of Oakley’s or something else at Sunglass Hut and just be done with it. The challenge is two fold. 1) even though they are expensive and the prevailing thought is that you wouldn’t dare loose them due to the high cost of replacement...that doesn’t work. I would still find a way to loose them and chances are that the loss would occur within the first two weeks of ownership. 2) Assuming I have to buy one or two more glasses this year, we’re still only looking at $60 in glass costs. Compare that to even the lowest rung of the “nice” manufacturer’s and you’re still not even in the ballpark. I think I need to go back to the folks at Precision Sports. At least there if the glasses break they’ll replace them forever.

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