Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Religion Rots Your Brain

In The West Texas Town of El Paso.....

So the song goes. And it reminds us just how crazy those Texans are (wasn’t the last 8 years of Jr. enough to prove that). But today I want to shift your attention about 10.5 hrs east of El Paso to Bryan, a suburb of College Station.

It seems that the Pachuca family had a little birdie come down to their property and pay a visit. As anybody who parks outside and just washed their car will tell you, this visit usually ends with the bird making a “deposit” on your freshly washed car. Such was the case here, except the Pachuca’s are not your typical wack-job Texans.

Nope...They belong to the “religious wack-job” group who think that the Virgin Mary (that Jesus guy’s mom), Sacred symbol in many Catholic faiths, appear in everyday occurrences. In the past there have been cases of Mary showing up in a grilled cheese sandwich, a pan pizza (she really must have a thing for dairy), a dirty office building window, even an Irish tree stump. But now we’ve sunk from the mundane into the disgusting as the Pachuca’s are claiming they see Mary in the dried bird crap on the side view mirror of their truck.

Your religious preferences and beliefs aside, how do you not laugh at this abomination of faith?? I just want to understand this before I break out into uncontrollable laughter again. You think that the (according to your faith) the Mother of the Son of G-d and the savior to your people decided to appear to you in the form of bird droppings? Ok got it now. HA!

Is it funny to anybody else how Hindus don’t go around the place claiming to have seen Ganesha in a bowl of vindeloo curry at Trader Joe’s or a Muslim saying he saw Allah in his ring around the collar? Why is it only Mary who appears in everyday stuff? Makes you really have to consider if too much religion really rots your mind.

I have to go now. I think it’s my turn to be struck by lighting!

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