Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts

My Grandmother-in-Law has always told me that I was always allowed to beat my wife but I could NEVER beat her granddaughter. (To which I respond that I would never hit my Sister-in Law!). That same lesson applies to children. I never want to see a child receive a beating but a good stern whack on the head or spanking to the backside can be a very effective tool in teaching them proper behavior. That is to say, you can beat your kid but you can NEVER beat somebody else’s kid.

Alas, nobody ever told Roger Stephens, 61, of Stone Mountain, Georgia (yes the same state the lovely woman I married is from!) this very important lesson. It seems that Mr Stephens was inside buying tube socks, rifles, a volex watch or other reasonably priced item when a 2-year old started to cry in his isle. He didn’t take this well and ended up slapping the child. The whole story is here (notice that we’re using the Associated Content story more AP for us!). The lesson...don’t slap a strange kid at Walmart. Do it in the dumpster behind Walmart where nobody will see you.

I was just looking at the seal for the state of Washington. It looks stupid...please change it as soon as possible.

Facebook is not a political outlet. Stop treating it as one. Nobody cares that you like/hate/want to have a baby with President Obama/Moammar Gadhafi/Michael Jackson. Tell me what you ate for lunch, what idiot was on your train this morning, or post pictures of something that I probably don’t care about. Nobody who makes any important political decision in the United States reads your FB posts or cares what you have to say (or what I have to say for that matter). Have fun and take a deep hold it.....hold it....have you passed out yet?

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