Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unisex Ok...But What's that Smell?

Readers, I owe you one posting.

Actually I owe you many postings. I have slacked yet again and as much as I’d like to blame it on Joe Wilson, Kanye West, or Crystal Meth, I really only have myself to blame. So now that I’m done being lazy, lets get it on.

If you remember back a while we discussed the need for clear(er) signs on bathrooms so that when you “have to go” you don’t need to waste precious time figuring out if that squiggle on the door means “Mens” or “Womens” or “Squiggles”. Well at lunch yesterday I ran into the ultimate challenge, a unisex bathroom.

Remember back again (will you please). About 12 years back when Ally McBeal was all the rage. The law firm’s unisex bathroom was the sceene of many debates, sexual encounters, and occasionally even a toilet flush. Well when I walked in to this unnamed Asian Café’s bathroom I was presented with one long trough-style sink opposite eight doors to separate stalls each with it’s own individual porcelain-g-d. The only designation between the doors are an etched glass man and woman shadow.

Fine, I can live with that, just find the ones that look like guys and we’re in business. First try, no lock on the door. Second try, lock on the door but it doesn’t work. Third try, ah the charm, a door that has a lock and works. All that for about 30 seconds or less worth of actual “quality time” and I wonder why I can’t get anything done at work.

For the last time, bathrooms are an important item in our daily lives. They MUST be marked accordingly. No more wishy-washy markings and for crying out loud...no more unisex (single bathrooms –with sink—are an exception). Nobody thinks your trendy or edgy because you do this. In fact if anything, it’s going to make me not want to eat at your establishment. I’m just like Costanza....I can find the best public restrooms anywhere in a city...name the place and I’ll name that john.

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