Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baltimore, Austin, and Horse Poop

Another weekend of races and planning races as Bloggerman competed in the 2009 Baltimore Half Marathon this past weekend in...well...Baltimore. A finally dressed runner (see the picture) completed the race in a new PR of 1 hr 48 min and 38 seconds. That’s a full minute faster then the previous record, however that was while eating donuts so I need to step up my game.

Brian, get 26 sausages ready for consumption. I’m coming to Austin and you’re gonna be doing some eating! It was your mistake to bet me that you’d eat a sausage for every mile I run in the 2010 Austin Marathon. I’m a stand up guy and will forget that you should technically have 2/10’s of a 27th sausage for the spare distance. That’s right, marathon number 20 on Valentine’s Day 2010, and per your suggestion carb loading on Tex Mex it is. Sweet!

Another open letter to the dog: If you see horse poop on the side of a trail, leave it alone. Don’t sniff it. Don’t lick it. Don’t eat it. And for crying out loud: don’t roll in it. Did you think you were cute? Did you think that your buddy Dylan would think you were cooler if you did it? Don’t you realize how bad you stink? Don’t you know I have to bathe you so I don’t vomit from the smell? The worst part was that we had to throw Dylan in the bathtub too...he’s worse then you in there. How can you both be afraid of bath water but will jump into any creak or river without a moment’s hesitation? As our people say: Oy Vey!

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Jess said...

Congrats on an awesome PR at Baltimore! And I love the costume! Good luck training for Austin!