Friday, November 20, 2009

Keep Your Damn Fraud Off Of Me

I’m getting really fed up with all this news. Each morning in the shower I drop the radio in hopes that a wire will make contact with the water and end it all (kidding) only to have the damn thing turn on and tell me about the latest group to screw the government out of money. This week it appears to be companies who received contracts that were reserved for disabled veterans. The Small Business Administration continued handing out the contracts even after learning that these companies were not run by veterans (disabled or otherwise) at all. The whole story is here:

But what really fries by biscuits is that it appears that nothing can be done to recoup the money. Really? Nothing at all? How about starting by tracking down the companies who received the contracts and seizing all their assets and then throwing the owners (who knew that they were not wounded veterans) into jail for 5-10 years?

See that’s only half the problem. Going after the companies who fraudulently won these contracts will only get the money back but it doesn’t solve the problem of lazy government workers. Trust me I see these people every day and I know from what I speak. There is a saying that “you can’t get fired from the Federal Government.” Why not? As soon as you figure out who the contracting officer was who approved the jobs. They should be immediately fired and escorted out of the building. Furthermore they should be ruled ineligible for any future Federal employment or from working for companies who may compete for Government contracts.

This seems drastic and it is, but everyday I go to work as an honest government contractor. And every time I need to make a purchase using government money I ALWAYS look for the least expensive way to get the job done. If we weeded out all the lazy, corrupt employees (and contractors) perhaps this healthcare bill might cost less or we could run a military without having to pay $25,000 for a toilet seat.

Just my 2 cents. Bloggerman....out.

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