Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Those Old Guys Can Really Rock

Bruce Springsteen is truly the Boss! After last night’s show at Verizon Center his legacy is well cemented. There aren’t many bands out there that will put on a 2 hr 45 min show even with an opening act. In fact one of my co-workers asked, “who was opening for him?” HA. He don’t need no stinkin’ opening act.

The highlight of the night was the Band playing the entire “Born to Run” album cover to cover in the middle of the set. Among other highlights:

1-Bruce crowd surfing from half way in the pit back to the stage (approx 100 yds).
2-Bringing a little kid on stage to sing the chorus to “Sunny Day”
3-Clarence Clemmons’ pimped out ride
4-Having Bruce play to the back of the stage where he was no more then 20ft away.
5-Hearing Pink Cadillac for the first time on this tour in the US

And above all getting to share it with the woman sitting next to me (don’t tell my wife!).

I hope this was not the last time we see them perform here in DC (Bruce is coming back in December for the Kennedy Center Honors) but I think it may be. Clarence is looking older and frailer and frankly the band is getting old (although you’d be hard pressed to prove it by looking at the other members). Hopefully they’ll be back but if not this was one hellva show!

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Beth said...

That woman sitting next to you bought you your ticket . . .and don't you forget it!