Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Cheap Are You and Some Great Brownies

Well I’m so cheap that instead of purchasing a 2010 calendar I printed out the monthly sheets and taped them into my 2009 calendar. No $5.00 calendar for me. Nope. Heck, I won’t even wait a few months and get something from the dollar bin at the Goodwill store. Now that’s cheap!

How do you like your brownies? Do you love the gooey, fudgey innards, or do you love the crusty, over-baked edges? I generally fall into the former camp but can flip to the other team (like Meredith Baxter evidently) and crunch my brownie fix. With all that, I never realized that there were so many products to make “perfect brownies”. Today’s post over at The Woot points out just how big of a deal this is. Take a look at Jason’s post. With all those different pans along with over 2,170,000 results for “perfect brownie recipe” (performed in 0.42 seconds) on the Google, it’s enough to make my mind wobble. But what I don’t get is that today’s sale on Woot is a “Zapi Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sanitizer and Holder” (quite a deal at only $9.99 + $5 for shipping). This has nothing to do with brownies! In fact it is almost the polar opposite side of brownies, tooth brushing accessories. It is the equivalent of posting a Rumba Vacuum for sale but putting up a blog post about the best dust pans on the market.

I love Woot and visit almost everyday but come on...lets either get with the program or send me some brownies. Your choice.

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maryjanejeff said...

My favorite brownie recipe? The one that I get for free after a race. he he