Monday, December 7, 2009

3 Inches, 2 Cells, and 1 Needle

Three Inches of Snow...maybe more. We got our first snow fall of the season on Saturday and it reminds me of certain absolute truths for the winter season. 1) If I wait till the day after the snow falls to shovel my steps and walkway, I will hurt my hands (or other body part) trying to chip through the ice that has formed underneath. 2) 2/3 of the area residents should be banned from driving for the entire season because they can’t figure out how to turn on their headlights in bad weather and how to clear off the snow from the roof of their car so it doesn’t all fall down on me! 3) If I give Mooks the chance to run off leash in the snow I will fall down trying to chase her. Which of course leads me to my next point...

Two Cell Phones (lost)
Cell phone number two was lost on the above mentioned Saturday jaunt with the dog when she decided to break off the trail we were running on and chase a heard of deer. I’m not sure what in her DNA makes here do this. She’s not going to catch them...she is fast, but they are faster. Besides...what would she do if she actually caught one?? Well while I was chasing her I slipped and it was probably then that I lost the second phone in a 48-hr period of time. The first phone was my work blackberry which was most likely recycled on Thursday morning on my way to the office. While I’m not completely sure of it’s fate, chances are high that it made it into the recycling bin at one of the Metro stations where I got out and dumped my morning papers off. I’m very pissed that I did this but I was surprised at the amount of reporting that has to go on to report missing Federal property. Very detailed and precise (I guess this shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing...our gov’t actually cares about it’s property....nice). Looks like the next one will be forcibly stapled to my hand. Never fear though...I managed to let the nice folks over at Verizon Wireless have $53 of my money for a new phone. I’m supposed to get $50 back in the mail but I’m not holding my breath.

One Needle (after 12 months without)
Thanks to the dunderhead who I had been working with at the Red Cross I had to take a 12 month hiatus from donating blood. It’s something I do every few weeks because 1) it’s the right thing to do and 2) they have regular Coke and Famous Amos cookies for donors! But partially because of her incompetence and partially because of my travel plans (to a so-called “Malaria-Zone” for less then 10 hours) I had to stop donating for the past 12 months. Well yesterday was my first day back in the big comfy lounge chairs and a needle in my arm. It’s funny, I HATE needles and in fact can’t even watch when they put it in but yet I still love donating...go figure. The extra bonus was that I got to watch the first few episodes of First and Ten on DVD. I can’t wait to schedule my next donation so I can finish Season 1!

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