Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Filling Food. Unfulfilling Episode.

Eight long months of nothing but reruns and hunting for things I may have missed in the first five season of LOST came to an end last night as the final season premiered to lots of anticipation.

I won’t go into all the details. But here is a comical overview.

Bottom line is I felt the episode, “LA X” (a double entandre about the LA Airport where the flight terminates and how X marks the spot) fell considerably short of what we could have asked for. But I have put a lot of faith into the show over the last 5 years so if I could get thru Nikki and Paulo I can get through a slow episode or two.

What made the evening really great though (other then spending it with the wife and the dog) was the fun we had with the Lost-themed meal. On the menu:

Rousseau’s Nutty Baguette with Sayid’s Hand Pressed Olive Oil
Little Ben Linus’ Chicken Salad Sandwich
Hurley’s Famous Dharma-Ranch Dressing Fries
Sawyer’s “I’ll raise you a papaya” slaw
Frozen Donkey Wheel Sundae (with chocolate chip Frogart)

We did Dharma-brand labels and even had a full printed menu for the occasion.

Now I need to figure out how to top this for the final show (although I really hope that Liz and Jen over at the Washington Post will set up a giant viewing party).

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Jess said...

I thought there were way too many commercials during Lost. Seriously it felt like every five or 10 minutes it was time for another commercial break.