Thursday, February 4, 2010

They’re Back...and Trying to Help

Those Krazy Kristians are back at it! This time they’re “helping” all the poor children in Haiti who survived the worst earthquake in over 200 years. They are so compassionate, so caring, so..well Christian.

That is except for the fact that the particular ten members of an Idaho church/mission tried to kidnap 33 children via bus into the Dominican Republic and today a Haitian court laid the proverbial Smack-Down on them.

According to the article in the Washington Post today, it appears that actually only one of the ten would face the wrath of a country in ruins. Group leader Laura Silsby apparently misled the other nine missionaries into believing that these children were orphans and needed help. It looks like she’s going to take the fall which is not a bad thing as it looks (at least based on this article from the Idaho Statesman) that she has had a problem obeying the laws of the US as well.

See this is the problem. Sure this woman is a dirt bag and deserves the electric chair (which considering the conditions in Haiti could take a while) but what’s the deal with letting these other nine zealots off the hook?

Here you have nine people who go all the way down to the Dominican Republic, get a bus, drive all the way across the island to Haiti and then just take the word of one woman. No questions? No, “hey are we sure they’re all orphans?”. No, “hey this one says her father is that guy standing right over there?” No, “you know Suzie Q, maybe we should just double check that these are the right kids, not just ones you picked at random?”

For that alone they should all fry (or hang, or smoke, or whatever they’re doing down there now).

But to the bigger picture here....why is it that only Christians go to disaster areas and try to spread the word of G-d? I don’t remember a bus full of rabbis or imams or even Buddhist monks traveling to China when a giant earthquake struck that country a few years back. But there were Christians who felt it was there duty to “save”. Leave the saving to the big guy/girl/bug/spaghetti monster in the sky ok?!

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