Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome To Earth: Addison!

We have now come full circle here at Nobody Likes a Jerk.

Slightly less then 2 full years ago (July 7, 2007) I started this little quagmire of crap off with the announcement welcoming my first niece, Illana in to this world. Now I have the pleasure of announcing the entry of my second neice, Addison.

The little squirt was born this morning just after 9am weighing in at 7lbs , 12oz. She’s a heavyweight compared to her big sister who hit the scales at 6.9 oz but she is a half inch taller so she’s got that going for her.

I do have to take issue with her choice of names (or better her Mom and Dad’s choice). Addison? I mean we’ve already had Sydney, Meredith, Jack, Kate(ie), and a few others whose names have become household thanks to a variety of shows on the ABC network. And why ABC? What about NBC? How come we don’t name our kids “Dwight” (the Office) or using CBS? Well to be fair the only people who are watching CBS are biologically too old to make babies anyway but still. Mrs. Bloggerman and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and our first child shall be named “Smoke Monster” or “McDreamy” (depending on who kicks in the most money).

Regardless of your name, Addison, we still welcome you to our humble planet and to our even less humble family. May you be a blessing on to your house and a tax deduction to your parents!

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