Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are Drinking Stupid Juice?

I don’t know what they’re putting in the water these days (although yesterday at the indoor pool the answer was rust-colored), but lately there has been a lot of drinking going on down at the old stupid trough.

We’ll start with the man suspected of trying to detonate a car bomb in New York’s Times Square over the weekend. Police arrested Faisal Shahzad while he tried to board a plane to Dubai yesterday. Let’s go back and look at a few facts in this development. Shahzad, a newly naturalized US citizen, bought a used car off of Craigslist for cash. No real shock there, lots of people do it. In fact if you’re looking for a nice used car check out this ad. Then he takes the car and goes though the trouble of removing the VIN tag from inside the windshield but doesn’t bother to take it off the hood or the rear axle (any basic internet search will tell you they’re written on those places too!) So now its time to commit your crime. You’ve got your SUV loaded up with gas tanks, timers, wires, etc. You park your car on a busy New York City street and then decide, now’s a good time to pause in font of this bank and change my shirt. I’m sure that banks in this country don’t have security cameras that are on all the time and I’m sure changing my clothes in front of one out on the street won’t arouse anybody’s suspicion. Fine. I’ll even give that to him, maybe in his little world that wouldn’t have caused any great uproar but next his bomb doesn’t work and his plot is foiled by the very brave men and women of the NYPD. I guess it’s time to get out of town. Now the reasonable thing to do would have been to lay as low as possible and travel very inconspicuously. Not our friend Shahzad, he made a v-line for JFK and bought a last minute, one-way ticket (WITH CASH!!!) to Dubai. I’m sure that might seem low key to somebody of his stature but I get pulled over for extra security if I buy a round trip ticket to Wichita! Next time you plan your getaway you might want to try the bus or even a used car from Craigslist (see above ad) and drive to California for a few months, or you know until things died down. This guy certainly wasn’t a rocket scientist but he wasn’t a brain surgeon’s stand in either.

Locally, arrests have been made in the murder of DC Middle School principal, Brian Betts over the last few days. Great work and congratulations goes to the DC Police and the Montgomery County Police for cracking this case and making the arrests. But was it excellent detective work or a really stupid criminal (and his mother) that really got the job done? I have no doubt that the police did the best they could and were really close but it was stupidity (in my mind) that put the biscuit in the basket if I may borrow a phrase. You see police caught a break in the case (and a fourth criminal) when one of the alleged murder’s mothers used Betts’ credit card yesterday to charge $100 worth of food at a supermarket. Really, the guy is dead for almost a month, police are actively investigating the crime and you don’t think that they might have been “tapping” the guys credit cards? What’s worse is that the idiots (either the kids of the mother) kept the cards around the house! The police are out looking for this guy and anything attached to his name (car, credit cards, detachable penis) I’m sure they wouldn’t care if you used it to buy groceries (the credit card not the appendage). Do me a favor. When your sitting in the trial listening the charges, make sure not to duck when your kid leans in and smacks you upside the head for being such a dumbass!

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