Monday, May 3, 2010

He’s Back and There’s Food Involved

I just looked and can’t believe it’s been more then two weeks since my last post. I know many of you (read: three people) are wondering where the hell I’ve been or what’s happened to me but I’m just fine.

Actually I’ve been traveling (at least this past weekend) in the quest for the biggest thing I’ve ever shoved in my mouth. The best news is I have now found success in the form of the whopping 6 pound “Ye Ole 96’er” courtesy of Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in not so scenic Clearfield, PA.

For those of you who have been following, I’ve taken very large 1 pound challenge over at Cheeburger, Cheeburger a few times and have had no problems downing the burger, some fries and at least half of a shake. But this challenge was different right from the start.

Because we were out celebrating an opening round of beers was in order, and because we were in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania the beer was really cheap ($3.50 for a Leinekugel Sunset Wheat- 24oz!). After we sat down we thought, “Hey there are four of us, surely we can take down the 6-pound burger and have room for fries, onion rings (which were really good!!) and some wings.”

Yeah not so much. They all tasted good but once the burger arrived at the table we realized that we were in WAY over our heads. For reference on how big it is, those are full-sized pickle spears on top. Yeah...that big! I think our other challenge was that we didn’t really have a plan of attack before we sat down. Without that, we didn’t have the confidence needed to conquer this behemoth once it was place in front of us. All we were left with was a sense of awe and a small bit of trembling in our stomachs as we surveyed our meal.

We began by cutting the burger into quarters and Joe and I each took one for ourselves. Santiago and Jason were a little smarter and only split a quarter to start. I think the later was the smarter move as neither Joe or I managed to get through more then ¾ of our serving and that doesn’t even factor the bun which was never touched for fear that it might actually cause our stomachs to explode upon contact!

We didn’t have a scale but if the burger came out at 6-pounds, it left our table at about 3 pounds, 2 ounces (unofficially). I have a new found respect for Elizabeth “Rubber Gut” Canady who finished the 3-pounder, by herself, in 20 minutes. (actually I don’t know Canady or doubt I’ll ever meet her, but still that’s scary on a number of levels!)

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