Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I'm Diggin' On Today

I know this is sometimes a cop out but there are three things I’m digging on today that I need to share with you.

Captain Cook Getting All Fruity Looped
Peep the video by an unnamed History teacher in the greater Atlanta area. Even if the video/song wasn’t funny by its lonesome, he gets major NBLAJ props and respect for using such an unconditional yet effective approach.

Louis Black Doing What Louis Black Does
And this is why he’s the funniest Jew in America (Seinfeld long ago relinquishing his crown). Lewis Black goes off on Glenn Beck and saying what we all want to say, except he has a national audience from the Daily Show.

And finally today I bring you a new and exciting site for those of you with kids, those of you who want kids, and those of you who can’t stand kids or the stuff they break. I present to you (excuse the profanity) with: Shit My Kids Ruined (.com). Much in the same light as People Of Walmart.com and Girls in Yoga Pants.com this site is driven by one or two user-submitted photos a day with catchy captions. The difference is that many of us who have been around kids at some point or other can identify. Enjoy.

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