Monday, June 7, 2010

Things Not To Say During Heritage Days/Week/Month

Helen Thomas, open mouth, insert foot. Thank you, you may now leave the building. What the hell were you thinking?

“Hey it’s a Jewish Heritage Day at the White House. I’m being interviewed by a Jewish Website (Rabbi Live), maybe this would be a good time to break out my ‘Jews need to get the hell out of Palestine’ routine. Yep this seems appropriate.”

Uh Helen, that clearly falls under the “not a good idea” category.

Perhaps you were going to retire soon anyway and enjoy some time off. Perhaps not. Perhaps you were going to keep going until the day you stood to ask a question but couldn’t get the words to come out of your mouth. Either way, much like me at a sensitivity seminar, “You’re outta here!”

So now we all know what not to say during a Jewish heritage event, but let’s rundown the list of other similar events and things to avoid uttering:

Black/African events: “You know, slavery wasn’t so bad. It created lots of jobs.”

Woman-related events: “Do you believe that broad had the stones to tell me that I should stop slapping the taste out of her mouth? She’s only my wife for crying out loud!”

Catholic events: “You’d think that the Pope would look younger then he does. What with all that kiddie juice”

Polish events: “Are those Russian tanks?”

Korean events: “Was that my dog or yours?”

Ok you get the point. Now go out there and be sensitive!

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