Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Dog Goes On the Disabled List

Nobody Likes a Jerk confirmed today that the Dog has officially gone on the DL as of early this morning with a strained muscle in her left hip.

“It’s a tough loss for our club right now, especially with the nice weather I know she was looking forward to running around the park this week”, club co-owner Bloggerman said earlier this morning.

The club’s medical staff reports that the Dog probably strained the muscle during normal game time activities (jumping on or off the bed) sometime last night. She required a trip to the hospital in the pre-dawn hours this morning to get a second opinion. However the second doctor (the first real one) also came back with the same diagnosis.

“The best we can figure is that she’ll be down for about a week, but after that the docs say she should be good to go again. They want her just to rest and keep from walking as much as possible”, Bloggerman said during an afternoon press conference.

As of press time no replacement had been named but sources say the club is looking to call up another dog from the farm system. Several other clubs (Club Casey and Club Cooper/Curley) had evidently made offers but club owners have been keeping their options opened.

“I think we are leaning toward an open tryout”, said Mrs. Bloggerman. “However the club policy to bar all cats is still going to be in effect.”

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Anonymous said...

Club Casey wants to know how much the signing bonus is. :-)