Monday, August 16, 2010

Hero Dogs Honored, Abused Dogs Rehabbed, and One Dog Sorely Missed

For my return post I want to talk about three doggie issues. The past week back from vacation should have been a post writing frenzy but to sum up this past week in Mrs. Bloggerman’s words, “We want a re-do button.” Oh boy do we ever. But on to today’s topics.

First, hero military dogs are finally being honored for their hard work and faithful service. The Pentagon last week again denied a request to issue service medals to dogs who have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Their final statement is that the medals are for humans only. But wait, hundreds of military working dogs have put in multiple tours of duty and about a dozen have sacrificed their lives for this country. On top of that there are numerous accounts of dogs laying with their injured handlers until help arrived. Also during World Wars I and II, dogs were “unofficially awarded honors so why not now? In steps, the US War Dogs Association who has created a new “medal” specifically war dogs. It has created a 2-inch-diameter medal adorned with a red, white and blue ribbon, which it will award to deserving military working dogs. Kudos and keep up the good work.

Second, Dirtbag Extraordinaire, Michael Vick, will hopefully get another serious, career ending knee injury during the pre-season. His former fighting dogs, however, are getting a second leash (no pun intended) on life. Some of the 51 dogs sized from his property are being adopted and rehabilitated into loving, caring pets and companions. Unfortunately some had to be put down and others haven’t found a forever home yet but it’s good to see that some are on the right path. See the article in Parade for more details.

Finally, we had to say goodbye to Brutus Chandler (pictured) the other day. Brutus was the most ferocious boxer of them all but he also gave the best tongue and would do anything to protect his sister, Mika. Brutus was my BIL’s dog and he passed after a battle with numerous age-related health ailments. He’s up on that Rainbow Bridge and will be sorely missed. Goodbye buddy.

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