Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There Aren’t Many Better Places to Spend the Night

Sure you could choose the bed of some hot guy/girl/horse you meet in the bar after a night of Jager Bombs and Miller Light. Sure you could get a room in the Motel 5 of the I-25 out in Denver. But when it comes right down to it Charles Jones, Jr. picked a pretty sweet spot to set up his hobo camp, the basement of an Ocean Township, NJ library.

As New Jersey Newsroom puts it, “Think about it. If you were young, homeless and possessed intellectual curiosity, where could you hang out while pulling your life together?”

You have books to learn yourself something. You have fairly unlimited use of bathroom and shower (sink) facilities with little to no hassle from the security guy. And if you don’t have a huge conscious, you have free run of the employee fridge. Just stay away from that mystery pack in the back with “Steve” on it.

Some homeless people are really stupid when you think about it. They camp out under bridges or on steam grates on city streets but this guy used his noggin and set up shop in a library. Sure it’s a little stereotypical, the homeless guy in the library thing but this guy took it to the next step and found his way down to the basement. Now that’s intuition.

I applaud him for saving city, county, and state resources as well. This guy didn’t burden the “state” by taking up space and food in a homeless shelter. He wasn’t out taking up the time of the cops by panhandling on the street and going to buy a bottle of NightTrain, getting drunk and peeing on the steps of your brownstone.

He’s out there trying to find a place to stay warm, clean and better himself. Bravo to you time though, don’t get caught!

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