Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates, Fixes, and The Coolest Thing on my BlackBerry

We have a few things to go over here people.  Yes, I am still alive. I’m just not  writing as much. I hope to have that problem fixed in the near future. The writing, not the living, I think I’m enjoying that part of the whole existence thing.

First an update to the Buffalo Wild Wing thing from last week.  We finally got some restitution for our troubles. Twenty-five whole dollars. Wow!  Wait, I need to catch my breath from gasping so loudly at their generosity. Actually based on their menu we can dine like kings for the day, that is if kings ate chicken wings fried and then doused in buttery hot sauce.   The good news is that the certificate is good at all the area locations so I don’t have to set foot back in that dump in Rockville.

Our ICC 5K problem was also fixed. I won’t share the whole story but know that Cheryl Sparks, the Communications Director at the Maryland State Highway Administration did a great job making sure everything was right by me.  Great example of customer service. 

Finally I want to share the coolest thing currently on my Blackberry device. And before  you start guessing, yes, I do have one of those cool apps that you can use to figure out the tip in a restaurant, aka: a calculator!  Actually it’s the DirectTV online scheduler for my Blackberry Bold. It allows me to schedule my DVR from anywhere in the world. Well anywhere in the US as long as it has Verizon access. I mean if I’m in the backyard of Sprint headquarters at a bar-b-que I would imagine that my Verizon signal might be a little on the weak side.  I guess that would be the point to have to go find a computer so I can do it the old fashion way: Logon to the internet and program the DVR.  Geeze technology has its limits.

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