Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Day at the New Giants Stadium

I still won’t call it “New Meadowlands Stadium” so I really hope they hustle up and get a big naming sponsor. To me, even as a Jets fan, it’s always going to be “Giant’s Stadium” . It doesn’t bother me to say it. In fact, it rolls off the tongue easier anyway.

Thanks to Cousin Rob and Josh, Mrs. Bloggerman, I and Carat got the opportunity to see the Jets play the Packers on Sunday, our first time to the new stadium. Before you haters jump off the hook and say “Yo, why didn’t you come see me if you were up there?” (or some derivation thereof), we didn’t have any time. We were up for a little more than 24 hours and also had to see my Uncle Leo who’s turning 100 in a few weeks. Do you think you’re more important than the guy who’s lived a whole century? I didn’t think so!

Below are our pictures of the game, and even though the Jets didn’t pull it out (or even put it in for that matter) we had a great time!

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