Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Come On... Daddy Needs Some New Leather Pants!

Let's take it to the man. I mean really stick it to him! Let's shutdown the "lame stream" media and make them pay for saying those awful things about us. Besides they're only telling lies.

What? They're just reporting things that were actually said? They can do that? Woah, that's heavy!

Yep former (and current a-hole). Bradlee Dean and his "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" ministry (that's the real name... really) is a little hot under the collar at MSNBC and their commentator Rachel Maddow. It seems that it didn't take sticks and stones but names indeed could hurt Dean as he filed a lawsuit today against the aforementioned parties and The Minnesota Independent   newspaper over reporting that questioned his groups beliefs on homosexuality and that "tried to detail the presidential bid of Michelle Bachman".

*insert sound of crickets chirping*

But wait it gets better! According to the suit, he is "praying" for extensive monitory damages.

*more crickets, more chirping*

I'm starting to question if Oral Roberts University should really rethink their law school. Most people when filing suit usually"ask" or "seek" or even "request money". Praying for it is usually reserved for the liquor store lotto counter or the tables at a cheap Vegas Casino.

But here's Mr Dean asking not only the judge for money but the big guy upstairs too, and you know just for luck! I suppose the court should hear the case and judge it on its merits but of course others think the case is a travesty and a mistake. I fall in the middle. I not only want the case heard but I want to Dean to win it.

Think about it. If he wins several great outcomes emerge. 1). Rachel Maddow will finally be taken off the air. We can all agree that she's hard on the eyes and that shrill voice would stop a lion in his tracks. 2). MSNBC would enjoy a nice ratings bump which lord knows they need! And 3) if this suit is allowed to go through then what's to stop other people from filling similar suits claiming that Rush Limbaugh ruined the chances of Al Franken from ever being President!

Isn't the First Amendment a great thing!

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