Monday, August 1, 2011

I Hate You But You Have the Right to Keep Pissing Me Off

Is it possible that I agree with a pimp, an Irish terrorist, telephone technicians and a teenager seeking an abortion?  Well, naturally, yes, but in this case I actually agree with the man behind the costumes, James O’Keefe.  

In a good piece by the New York Times last week, O’Keefe is profiled as he fulfills his community service hours imposed by a court in the Mary Landrieu break in.  O’Keefe has been keeping busy over the years helping to take down the establishment and in the meantime has become an ultra conservative hero.  

I certainly don’t agree with his politics but his right to be a “muckraking” journalist goes back hundreds of years and follows in the footsteps of Upton Sinclair and Nellie Bly.  As O’Keefe accurately puts it, “I didn’t defund ACRON”

What if Sinclair decided that the meat packing industry wasn’t where his heart was at and decided to go after the Catholic church?  Would we vilify him if the Vatican had to close it’s doors because he would find that Priests were molesting little choir boys back in the late 1800’s?  Maybe so but much like Sinclair simply shows the dangers and slipshod practices of the meat industry , O’Keefe is just shedding light on topics he feels are not always seen. 

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Planned Parenthood, ACORN and other groups that conservatives seem to seethe over provide services that the public needs, but O’Keefe has the right to (just like Fat Mikey Moore) to poke fun at the absurd.  

The bigger problem here is how can you hold down a job at one of these organizations and not smell a rat when a white “pimp” walks in the door?  If you employ these people (echeem. DC Metrorail) then I really think that you deserve all the negative PR that comes your way. 
That’s not a thought, it’s a sermon.

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