Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kid, Go the #@$#@$ to Sleep

Unless you are the most unplugged in person in the world (or my parents) you have heard of Adam Mansbach instant classic Go the @#$@#$ to Sleep. I figure that by the time it gets to Samuel L Jackson’s lips that everybody in the free world has read it. Surely they’ve read it to the kids in Day Care.

This is why I’m mystified at my son’s instance on waking up for the last two mornings at 430am. There have been pleanty of times in the 6 or 7 months that he’s woken up in the middle of the night, let out a whimper and then fallen right back to sleep. Not these last two. Nope. 4:30, comes around and there’s the video monitor flickering on and the audio meter topping off in the “red” zone with piercing screams of “I’m awake mother$%$%, now deal with me!”

Here’s the other catch. Normally my alarm goes off at 430am so I can drag my fat ass out of bed and hit the gym or go for a run. But this was a long weekend that culminated with my toes getting some serious blisters after running a half marathon in my Vibrims, so I’m on a break until tomorrow.

Now I have to get out of bed, go across the hall, get the kid, bring him back to our room, hand him off to the wife, and then run down and get a bottle. Nothing like mixing formula in the dark.

Since I’m not working out I want to go to sleep for another hour or so until I have to go get ready for work. Well the kid again is not getting this concept and proceeds to kick me in the hand or chest as he’s gulping down his bottle. I secretly think it’s payback for all the “nice” things I’ve said about him both before and after birth.

Tonight kid, go (and stay) the @#@#$ to sleep!

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