Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Politician to Get Behind

Normally I don’t dedicate this much space to politics but this one is really worth it (at least in my humble opinion).   

Most of these A-holes who seek office aren’t willing to wipe their ass with the paper they write laws on (see “Democrats” and “Republicans”). Even if you’re lucky enough to have someone who is actually willing to stand behind the laws they endorse chances are that if you threaten them with an election challenge they’ll back down and cower in the corner. 

Enter Arturas Zuokas, the 43 year old mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania. He doesn’t screw around with metaphors and half truths.  He doesn’t pander to business and then turn around and pretend to love the little man. He doesn’t kiss the establishment’s ass in one breath and kiss your baby in the next. 

Nope, Zuokas is a man of the people, his people. Jack and Jill Kazlauskas if you will. 

It seems that there is an ongoing problem of drivers of expensive luxury cars parking in designated bicycle lanes while they go and shop for the best Benetton and Swatch has to offer. Zuokas’ government has tried issuing announcements, ticketing, and even towing the cars. Nothing seems to work. 

What does Zuokas do? Does he say oh well we tried and throw up his hands? No! He fights back. How does he do that?  Watch the video:

Nice right! This is a politician who knows how to kick ass and take names later. Looking at the video again it was likely staged as I doubt any government that doesn’t rhyme with Dinah would willingly roll over their citizens with tanks but the message it sends rings through the streets and alleys of all Vilnius’ neighborhoods.

From Pilies Street to Grigiškės everybody knows that Zuokas means business!

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