Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sign of the Times and Picking The Hoarders Dry

Much like the elusive thirteenth floor in a hotel I am having trouble finding signs that reflect reality. Or at least the reality as I see it.

For example, today as I was on my morning run around DC, I ran through a Capitol Hill park where I saw a sign that said “Pick Up After Your Pet”. Fine…..I can appreciate that. Nobody wants to step in poop when just walking down the street. But the picture was of a dog squatting over the sidewalk and a guy bending down to grab it. Fine, we all get it. Dogs are the primary poopers of our fair park. But what about the few odd cats who go out for walks? How come they aren’t on the sign? Or the potbelly pig owner, where is their sign? Well I’m never one to point out a problem and not provide a solution. I think, in the name of inclusion that we should have a much longer sign with all the different pets pictured so that owners of non-dogs are aware that the law applies to them as well. Sure it could run the entire length of the park (especially if we include the fish and the frogs) but isn’t it worth it to know that everybody is aware of the policy!

I also want to share my idea for a great TV Mash-up/Crossover/Spin-off. What if the people from American Pickers and Storage Wars came over to the houses in Hoarders and started perusing all the “junk”? I think this may be “gold”. Sure, most of the stuff is really junk but I think you might find a valuable antique or two or at least some stuff that the storage locker guys can sell in their second hand shops. How do I keep coming up with this stuff?

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