Monday, January 9, 2012

Am I Converting to Tebow-ism?

It's either that or I'll have to start dressing like Big Ben. So I'm probably not leaving the kids corner of the synagogue any time soon, but even I have to feel pretty good for this Tebow chap.

Look, yes he did beat the Jets this year and I'm still not over that but the guy just wins football games. How can you not like that?

His performance in yesterday's OT win vs. The Steelers was amazing. To get it done on the first play from scrimmage is unbelievable but let's look a little closer here. First, you have to give credit to Tebow for doing his job and finding the open receiver. Remember, this wasn't an 80 yard bomb, it was a 15 yard slant. So the bigger credit here goes to Demareious Thomas who not only ran a great route but caught the ball in stride and stiff armed his way to open space. The speed after that is just a given. But where would with player be without Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy calling that play in from the sidelines?

See that's the thing, but football is about all 11 guys out there doing different things that all build up to one great thing. Tebow is certainly exciting and by now we've all been conditioned to expect some sort of amazing comeback, much in the same way we used to watch Montana or Elway march down the field with time winding down.

I also want to address Tebow's constant religious references. I do agree with many that it would be more enjoyable to see him to email it down a bit with all that "Lord and Savior" stuff, but when you look at it, how is it that different from Reggie White (who was an ordained minister in the off season) or any of the potential GOP presidential candidates who regularly reminder you that they are the best because they are not closest to the man upstairs?

And finally he wins on fashion. Last night after the game he had a button down shirt and a wool cap (tilted to the side). It's exactly what I'd expect to see on a 23 year old kid in Denver. Take Ben Roethlisberger on the other hand. He must have lost a few bets this week to done that awful get up. I'd think after a loss like that you'd only want a pair of jeans, sweatshirt and room service. These players all have agents, personal assistants, coaches, teammates, and probably a friend or two laying around the house. How does a get up like that her by all of them without so much as a, "dude... REALLY??" I know their season is over, but Pittsburgh should still fine him a few bucks for looking like a jackass.

There are certain athletes who can pull off "unique"looks. As of right now Tim had the upper hand on Ben (plus another week to sports it.)

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