Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drown the Children

Or at least the underperforming ones anyway. I am of course referring to the sign at my kid's swimming school (see left).

Why do you need a sign like this in the first place? Well Captain Obvious says, "signs that speak common sense are there because somebody didn't practice it."

I can just imagine a crazy parent screaming at their kid (while pounding on the 2-way glass separating the pool and the viewing area), "Damn it...you're 2 years old...get your lazy ass in gear and start swimming!" I think there would probaby be a few more explatives in there but I'm trying to keep these pages clean (sorta).

It does really worry me that we would need that kind of obvious reminder and what really must have taken place to necessitate such signage. And I get a sneaking suspicion it wasn't just one parent doing this one time. This feels like repeat offenders multiple times.

All I know is, as the Kid learns to swim, I'm going slow and letting him do just that, learn. Now when the time comes for him to start playing baseball...I can't promise the same level of restraint.  Just sayin'..

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