Monday, January 16, 2012

We Don't Retreat...

We Advance.

Everybody has company retreats. You go offsite for a day or two and hash out company business and set a path for the future.  And unless you own a financial stake in the company these can be painful exercises in futility where the only thing that really gets tested are the locks on the doors to the meeting room where they've got you locked inside.

One of the benefits of working for a "creative" company is that we do things a little differently then you may be used to. We also lock ourselves in a room for a full day but we call it an "advance" and work really hard to focus on where we're going as a company. The difference is that everybody has a valid opinion and we're all broken into groups to discuss things like our core values and if we're living up to them or if we need to make changes. We also discuss ways to improve the company for our employees in the coming year. Tell me a fortune 500 company that does that!

But like all meetings there were a fair share of, "Did they really just say that?".  And it's my mission, as a semi-illiterate journalist to share with you the top 5:

5) We can't keep making Buggy Whips...other whips are ok though.

4) Does your "never-say-no" policy apply to me asking you for $1,000?

3) I'm a certified forklift opperator

2) I don't like this. I'm going into Banking.


1) You burst my passion bubble.

Fun was had by all..until next year!

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