Monday, January 23, 2012

Freeze Off

What the hell is wrong with you people?! Just because the government says something, it is not an absolute truth.

I'm certainly not a conspiracy theorist nor do I question all authority, but this is just crazy.

Last night I was trying to put my kid to bed and praying he would go down quickly so I could get back to the football game. As we were reading a Dr. Seuss book (an imprint of Random House Inc, All rights reserved) I felt my phone vibrating in my back pocket. Not a bad sensation, sans I had my kid on the lap, but that's a story for another day.

When he finally went to sleep I stepped out and saw a co-worker had texted to ask if our training was still on for tomorrow. Of course it is...wait, they did what?
The government's Office of Personnel Management decided that the weather would be dangerous in the morning and it would be a good idea to keep Federal workers at home for a few hours until conditions improved. Good idea. This would also reduce congestion and allow other private sector employees to get in on time and safe. Except...

The idiots that run this agency and sign off on these unilateral decisions didn't consider two very important factors.

1) almost every DC area company and school district uses the Federal Government status (via OPM) to decide what they will do in case of inclement weather. If you delay the government then everyone will follow suit. That translates to the same rush hour traffic you'd have from 7am - 9am, just now it'll run from 9am - 11am and now those commuters will be mixing with all the deliveries, service calls, and other assorted traffic on the roads after 9am. FAIL.

2) If you site frozen rain and ice covered roads as the reason for delaying the opening, then you actually have to have precipitation! When I left my house at 530am not only were the roads clear and relatively dry, there was no rain, nothing frozen, and certainly no freezing rain. FAIL.

The local forecasters are playing coy for right now which is really driving me crazy. They are only hinting that the roads aren't freezing over yet. But then again I shouldn't be surprised. See the National Weather Service (an office of the Federal Government) us in charge of issuing national forecasts and those "warnings" that flash across your TV screen and ruin your favorite show. Well if OPM is wrong they are backed up by the NWS.

This leaves a very bad taste in mouth which is unfortunate because I brushed my teeth before I left this morning. Now I have to spend my morning fielding calls and emails from my training attendees wondering if the class is starting late. Answer:NO! Take some personal responsibility and get here by 9am... We are not waiting for you.

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