Thursday, January 19, 2012

You're Not Really Here and I Can Prove It...

Yup, I'm just a figure of your imagination. I'm not really here and above all, you don't see me!

Of course I know you do see me, know that I'm here and occasionally even acknowledge me. So why was I blindsided last night at the monthly meeting?

Well evidently there is a persuasive underbelly to your local volunteer Fire department so out of touch with reality that they may be watching Fox News or at least the 700 Club.

It turns out that if you work hard all day Then you spend a precious hour with your family and still find a few hours to DONATE to an organization with "VOLUNTEER" in its title, you may be brought up for voting out. Now never mind the fact that the people doing the voting (and talking) don't ride on the ambulances, and don't actually perform any dacernable task for the department, let's focus on their two main concerns.

1) they are convinced that the county government is trying to get rid of all the volunteers. First the county cut some needed funds as part of across the board cost cutting. But wait...had they not spent so much time fighting the proposed ambulance fees they would have had all the money they need. Beyond that though somebody needs to explain to me why a cash-strapped government, who is constantly trying to find ways to save money would try to (secretly) eliminate volunteers (who WORK FOR FREE) and replace them with paid employees?

2) Of the all 200 or so volunteers with the department only about 50 put in any real time and of that group there are few of us who put in consistent time. So when you get somebody (like me) who put in consistent time and actually produce something of value (organize the training for all new members), why would you want to run them off with scare tactics?  I would think that when you actually get volunteers who want to work and produce quality products that you would encourage them and if they are not following "procedure" that you gently guide them back in line.

Above all what really gets me is the blind siding that took place. I was there in the meeting and all you had to do was pull me aside and say, "Look, I know you're pulling hours but you're not doing XYZ correctly. I'm going to bring it up as an example, but it's not personal."  At least there I would have some cushioning...

Look if you don't want me. Fine. I'm walking...but unlike David Banner, I ain't looking back.

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