Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. Peanut is Creamy Inside

When I sit down (or the rare, stand up) to write these posts I'm upset or musing about something, while at other times I really have to rack my mind to come up with material. The latter usually ends with a hollow rattle but that's another story.

Last night the supermarket gods dropped a gift in my lap or at least in front of my eyes.

I love peanut butter but don't eat enough that I have to run out and purchase a new jar every month. In fact, one regular size jar will cover me (and the dog) for 3-4 months. So if something new hits the new breakneck world of processed legumes, I may not be the first to know. However yesterday's trip to the Safeway was different. As I strolled past the bread, honey, and jelly I saw it. The holly grail of peanut butter.
Planters, the go to name in peanuts, has put their name in a plastic jar of goodness.

I had to wonder what took so long? I mean Planters IS peanuts and surely they have "leftover" supply after dry and honey roasting. What happens to the ones that fall off the conveyor belt? Well now we have our answer. Now that naughty squirrel can finally take a big bite of Mr. Peanut and expose the creamy (or chunky) goodness inside.

According to several Internet sources and the back of the label, the Kraft food company (who acquired the Planters brand in the 1990s) introduced this fine product back in June.  It amazes me that in the 105 year history of the company, nobody thought to invade the rather narrow peanut butter market treading on name-brand recognition.

But to truly appreciate the marriage of butter to nut we must thank Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal, who in  1884 received  U.S. Patent 306,727 which "finished product of the process of milling roasted peanuts between heated surfaces until the peanuts entered 'a fluid or semi-fluid state.' As the peanut product cooled, it set into what Carter explained as being 'a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment.'"

I know when I think Planters...I think "lard".  Yummo!

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