Wednesday, February 1, 2012

List of Things You Need to Secure the Nomination for President

Rather this is a list of things you should try to avoid if you plan on putting your name on a state's nominating ballot.

1) Multiple marriages with accusations of walking out while your wife is battling serious illness. I don't have an issue with multiple marriages per se, you and your partner (and your mistress) should be happy. But you can't walk out TWO different times on two women while one is fighting cancer and the other has just been diagnosed with MS. One of the reasons that the primary season is so long (it could really be done in just one day...another post coming on that) is so you can decide if these people are able to lead the government. I'd remind some of the candidates that you can't just walk out on the presidency to take up the reigns of Canada just because they are a younger country.

2) Spending the better part of your political career representing a moderate New England state where many of your polices were anything but "conservative", then trying to paint yourself as a right wing, bible thumping, Conservative. It doesn't work like that, at least not since the advent of the recorded word. Don't you realize that if you contradict your own words, you will be called out on it. The same goes for the other side of the equation if you proclaim to be more right wing then the KKK don't try to claim your a moderate if you actually win the nomination.

3) Get a firm grip on the Constitution and the general gist of how the Federal Government operates. I might even recommend watching "I'm Just a Bill" for clarification. I'm so sick of hearing wild proclamations about which laws will be repealed and how something is Unconstitutional just because you day it is. As a point of reference, the primary voters may also want to attend this session, because they seem to be quick to cheer when one of those above proclamations are issued.

4) Hypocrisy is a real word. Go ahead, open up Websters and look it up. Religion is a great thing but if you don't want the government interfering in your Sunday sermon, then your pastor doesn't get to use biblical quotes to set government policy. There are a few governments that use religion this way. I hear that Iran has some cheap real estate. And if you are a candidate and start quoting the Bible, you may want to read on a little bit further. Like the part where it says Love Your Neighbors, Feed the Hungry, etc.

But I have to think that the broadcast networks may want to consider hiding the debates on Saturday nights. This is prime entertainment value and I'd love to see it on demand with slow-mo replays. Hey it's got to produce better highlights then the Knicks Pacers game.

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