Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Resolutions, Birthdays, and Now I Need a Bath

That's one resolution already broken. I was going to try to run a mile a day every day this year. Then I woke up to a crying baby at 5am on New Years Day so that's not happening.

Oh well, it was totally worth it because Sunday was also his first birthday. One year ago we were rushing to the hospital (after taking a moment to enjoy a hot breakfast) and now he's still around and kicking. I know there are a few sports books in Vegas that lost out on that one.

Even though the lack of sleep and the constant attention needed around the house has caused the postings here to drop to almost nothing, I'm setting resolution #2, writing more frequently.

So with that I want to thank our wonderful friends and family for helping make Jake's first birthday so special. As you can see he really dug his first taste of chocolate and even had an (assisted) "oh no" moment as payback to a few of his friends that we've influenced over the years.

So here's to a great year for the kid and a great year of posts, thoughts, and random fits of rage on these pages.

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