Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy 50% Off Leftover Candy

Technically I think the sugar hearts are 90% off but consult your local CVS for official pricing. Remember stock is limited and restrictions apply. If you choose to actually bite into one of those hearts, Brachs, CVS and their subsidiaries assume no responsibility for any dental injuries whether real or imagined.

For some its Black Friday, others love the day after Christmas. But for me nothing beats the day after Valentine's Day for shopping. Maybe it's my love of everything chocolate or maybe it's because my people can't walk away from a sale but as Daria puts it, "[its] the day I really get out there and do my bit for America's economy."

There are alot of you out there who are hovering over the "send" button with a smart ass comment about why the day after Easter is the better day for candy markdowns. Tisk tisk haters. Easter features way to much jelly beans and other non chocolate confections. Maybe if I were trying to channel Ronald Reagan but it's not for me. Besides, Valentine's Day is almost exclusively chocolate. Sure you have the sugar hearts but I read disclaimers and know better than to get involved with dental risks (didn't you read about sugar daddies?).

I also love to see what's still left on the store shelves this morning. It helps me get a firm grip on the desperation levels sunk to last night as hundreds of men suddenly realized the reason that all their female coworkers had flowers on their desks yesterday.

Mrs Bloggerman (and baby) and I enjoyed Valentines in a box from our friends at Balducci's market. When I stopped by yesterday to pick it up, the store was a tornado of activity with people scooping up anything that even had a red label. The catering manager says that once they run out of flowers, those who are truly desperate will start grabbing leafy vegetables. Here honey. I love you much I want you to have these carrots.

I'd believe it and next year my lady may be getting a bowl of salad.

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