Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Kings Play in LA Stupid and the number 600!

Sorry to have to break it to you like this but you either need a bottle of Valium or a geography lesson.

Let me pause for a second and congratulate the Washington Capitals on their first round playoff series win against the BOSTON Bruins. They won in seven tight and exciting games. Well I'm told they were exciting. I didn't watch any of them. I can't watch hockey without Fox's puck tracker. I just won't.

But getting back on point, this was the first seven fame series in NHL history where every game was decided by one goal.

So you noticed that in the previous paragraph I all-capped "Boston". I feel the need to do that because the Caps radio announcer, John Walton, wasn't aware that the Bruins play in Boston. He thought he was in Los Angeles. After the game winning goal he kept screaming "The Kings are Dead, the Kings are dead!"
Wait, what? Oh! He was saying "the King is dead!" Well that's different. I think...

Hold on, no it isn't!

It's true that Boston won the 2011 Stanley Cup but a basic tenant of sports is "yeah well that was last year." The fact is that the Bruins were nowhere near the team from last year. They were not as dominant this year and didn't even lock up the top playoff spot. With that said, the Caps played a heck of a series against a good team that was clearly better than them.

But this is not, to use some March Madness references, a #16 besting #1, or even a #14 over a #3. It's a lot closer to a #10 beating a #7 or maybe an #11 over a #6. We need to put all of this into perspective. If you beat Boston in the semi finals or even in the finals then sure, make all the clich├ęs you want.

I will add that I'm happy that the team from Washington was the one to knock off Boston with Tim Thomas in goal. I call it a bit of karma kickback.Thomas was the schmuck who refused to meet with President Obama when the Bruins were invited to the White House after they won the cup. DucheWaffle!

Lets wrap up with the number 600. As in this was my 600th post. I have to think that if I actually stuck to the once a day posting this would have happened sometime last year but what the hell do you want? Go back and read post #1 if you'd like.

Thanks....the Management.

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