Monday, April 23, 2012

Protesters That's My ChocoTaco

The only time I should be thinking of processed ice cream treats and soap products in the same wavelength is when I need to clean my hands and face after diving headlong into a box of Klondikes. More about the protesters shortly.

I'm dismayed again and the culprit is once again corporate America. I fall into that demographic of "people who like chocolaty ice cream treats ". I proudly align with this small 99% of the population. He'll, give me a bumper sticker and I'll strap it across my chest. So of course I'm a sucker for a delicious combination of Mexican street food, creamy vanilla and lots and lots of chocolate. I'm talking about a ChocoTaco.

I think I made it 35 years or so without ever seeing ChocoTaco advertising (that wasn't pasted to the side of an ice cream truck). But now the boob tube is flashing that delicious concoction on my screen as part of the Klondike commercials (what would you do for...). Great. I don't mind seeing one of my favorites on tv in the early morning before going for a run. Then at the very end a banner drops down, silently, from the upper right corner. It proudly proclaims that the ChocoTaco is part of the "Unileaver Family".

I understand that we live in a corporate-dominated society. It's a byproduct of capitalism and sucess. But Unileaver makes soap and other household products not ice cream. Why do you want me to think of soap and ice cream at the same time? I get it. I like ChocoTacos and now I should remember other great Unileaver products when I'm shopping. The catch is I won't do that.

The other thing won't do is believe that the "Occupy" movement has any organization or clear and direct message. This past week the DC branch has decided to start camping again. They were already kicked out of McPherson Square and retreated back to apartments (dedication!) but now they're back. Now they have stared sleeping on the sidewalks outside of a Bank of America branch near the park. They say they are doing it to bring attention to the mortgages that got us in this financial mess. What I'm STILL not clear on is why they think that bank employees (many of whom make less then the protesters on unemployment collect) actually care or could do anything.

Further adding to my aggravation level at this matter, is that the protestors some how think that accosting people in the street just passing by or even going into the bank is somehow going to help them gain sympathy for their cause. To think about it another way, when a homeless guy stops you on your way out of the bank, you give him a quarter and go on your way. Simple Transaction. When one of these fleabags come up, you have to not only smell them and their non-deodorizing vegan soap, but then you have to hear a 20 min diatribe on why big banks are ruining this country and how the 1% controls everything. Try offering them a dollar, they still won't shut up. Just think about that for a second. People prefer a homeless guy over you.'re doing a bang up job...keep it up their Moonstar.

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