Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Are In First Place

To put it another way, we haven't taken a chance in blowing yet.

Today is Opening Day! In a few hours my lovable loosing Mets take the fieldwork what could be a really ugly (Pittsburgh Pirates type) season. But I'm going to be optimistic and say that it will only be a one bag on the head year. I joke!

Actually, I do have high hopes for this year. I'm not so crazy as to predict the playoffs but I don't think they will stink as bad as others think, no matter how bad they were this spring. Look, the team is healthy and they are starting Santana today, that has to count for something. Ike and David are back and healthy on the corners, and Murphy is healthy and getting more comfortable at second. Plus Jason Bay can't suck any worse and may even her a little better. Maybe.

This division still goes through Philadelphia and Atlanta but anything can happen.

Let's go Mets!

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LaLa the MaMa said...

As a lifelong Philly fan (since my mom went into labor during the playoffs at Veterans Stadium and I was born a few hours later just up Broad Street at Temple), I understand your sentiment. I know as of late, we have produced some good baseball, but we have had some crappy seasons as well. Losing is something Philly fans know well (and God knows we don't handle it as gracefully as most). Here is to the day that we are all tied for 1st!
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