Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me No Understand Barry Son

Mister Barry son, you most honorable council member. But you no talk bad about Asian businesses in Ward 8. We no dirty. We wash all hands before frying catfish and pouring alcohol. Hands no dirty.

You no like us Asian people? You want see black people working in extra special Chinese restaurant? How they understand what chef say?

No apologize, it too late. We read paper too! We also Twitter. You say we dirty business no good for neighborhood. But we work hard. You no do your job. You not keep crime off streets. Bullet-proof glass have to be installed very expensive. Children have to work in restaurant to afford. Also, you no fix schools. Private school for children extra. Work even harder.

We think you make Ward dirty. You no clean up street. You no pay job training. You no even pay taxes. What you do all day? You lazy man.

But we no choice have. We need money for school and safety so we need continue work. Plus people vote you. I no understand why. You pay people to vote? You give jobs?

Tell about #3 combo plate. We make shrimp and chicken wing fried. $3.99. Bitch no set you up.


Erica said...

I need a cigalette.

faruk hassan said...

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