Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gin and Excel (On the Rocks)

Of course! Do you think I'd actually drink warm gin? What kind of savage do you take me for? I only pour my 10 over the finest frozen water available in my house. What I did learn is that mixing it with a Microsoft spreadsheet program is not nearly as tasty as tonic water and lime.

After another hard day in the proverbial coal mine, I came home to a child and dog who both needed my attention and a package of chicken breasts which needed my equal attention. After taking care of the first two I finished up the third item and poured a little libation into a glass and mixed with ice and grape juice (don't judge...I like it!).

Following one hell of a meal if I may toot my own horn, and the rest of the drink,  I got word that my job needed me on a conference call.  No problem...I can work with a drink or two. So out the door with the dog for a walk and a conference call. The result of call was a small assignment that I should have been able to complete fairly quickly when I got home.

I sat down at the computer in the basement with the Mets game on the big screen. Great work environment! But by now the drink had really set in and I realized that staring at a computer screen was not as easy as I thought when paired with a fairly heavy bartending hand.

There's not a whole lot more to report out here. Only that a 30-minute job took me almost two hours. Sheesh, I need a drink.

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