Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I Would Not Jump Into To Save a Life

Rob Nuckols is a brave SOB. The New Jersey roofer, “jumped into a vat of nitric acid solution to save a co-worker who had fallen 40 feet into the tank.” WOW.....either he had a death wish or the guy who fell owed him a lot of money!

Nuckols is hero, he and a few other co workers got the guy out and saved his life. The guy who fell, Martin Davis, is in critical condition with injuries associated with the fall but Nuckols and his co workers are all fine less some minor burns from the acid solution.

But all this got me to thinking...would I do the same for my co workers? They are all nice enough, well most of them. But are they acid diving worthy? Eh....maybe not acid. What would I jump into a vat of to save a co worker who fell? Marshmallow fluff, pillows, down comforters, gym mats all come to mind.

 This is not to say that I’m so cold hearted that I wouldn’t try to help. I would gladly whip out the old cell phone and call 911. I would even consider throwing down a rope or long pole to try and snag the victim. Acid is a tricky thing though...I already have enough in the “not-so-handsome” category, I don’t think assorted burns would help that.

For the record, I’m not an acid-phobe (or even and acid-hole). There are plenty of other substances that may be contained in vats that I would not jump into. Among them (and in no particular order):

  • Raw meat (especially pink slime!) 
  • Cotton Balls (yes they’d be soft, but I don’t like to touch them. They give me the chills). 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Thumbtacks 
  • Glue 
  • Squeaky Dog Toys
  • Liquid Bubble Gum 

Just stay out of these and I’ll jump right in. Now all I have to get over is my fear of missing the vat.

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