Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Karma Boomerang

Today's rant was supposed to be all about our new microwave but in light of today's events I think a change is in order.

Karma is a cool thing when it works in your favor. I will never be confused with a saint,so when I do some good I may need to bank it for later. Lord knows I'll call on those reserves more than I'd like to.

Today was not a withdrawal or a deposit though. Today we more of a dividend or interest payment.
This morning I got off the train near my office and stopped by the grocery store (Harris Teeter, the official work grocery store of Nobody Likes A Jerk). As I went to check out I realized my club card (and my government ID card it was attached to) were missing. So here I am having to pay an extra 20 cents on my yogurt and having to set talk my way into my office, all before my first cup of coffee!

On my way in I texted Mrs. Bloggerman and she said she didn't see it laying around the house. Crap. Hopefully its in my car. If it's on the train I'll never see it again.

On I went with my day and then at about 11am I got an email from somebody at another government agency in town saying that he found my badge on his train seat and he wanted to get it back to me. Are you kidding me?  How lucky is that? It reminds me of finding Jordan's cell phone (last year about this time)...another story about a fellow human (me) going out of my way to do the right thing.

This guy, Brian ( to me of course!), and I met this afternoon during lunch near his office. He handed back the ID, thumb drive, and Harris Teeter savings card and I handed him a bright orange water bottle I had laying around the office. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

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