Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Packaging

Wow...this must be the best pop up tent ever!  Look at the people on the box...they are having the time of their lives.

If only the pictures on the packaging of our products acurately depicted the fun that we would have I think we'd be in a much better place financially and economically.

This "true-ism" came to me the other day when we went into Kmart to get ourselves a new pop up tent to replace the one that the wind and beach of South Carolina destroyed. While waiting at the layaway desk (oh yeah that was a dream!) to pick up our item, we noticed an above ground pool waiting for somebody else. The pictures on the front of the box show a group of about nine people having the time of their lives. These people are clearly not related, mostly because they are having such fun. But further more, as the late Mitch Hedberg pointed out, you can only have about 30 seconds of fun in an above ground pool (maybe 15 seconds if you bought it at Kmart).   Wouldn't it be great if this were really the case?

When our tent eventually came out, it got me thinking more about this because the pictures on the front were all people laughing and having a good time with the tent. The problem here is that they clearly didn't haul it from the car, take the 4 hours needed to set it up and the 10 hours to take it down and shake out all the sand from it before hauling it back to their car with the 3 screaming kids and nagging wife. Nor do they show the pictures of the people who are using the tent early or late in the day as the sun is on an angle and the tent is no good at all to keep any of the light out. These are the people who are either profusely sweating or sun burned or both.

How come they aren't on the box?  Sure it wouldn't sell as much but it would be truth in advertising.

Mull that over and enjoy your day.

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